After many decades spent practicing martial arts, going to fairs and taking part in festivals dedicated to this wonderful world, after having been in Japan several times and having lived there for a period of time, I realized that Europe and Japan, these worlds far apart in terms of language, culture and habits, actually have a lot in common.

Both cultures are proud, inspired by noble values, willing and ready to make sacrifices to achieve a personal or community goal. They know how to look ahead with imagination and futuristic vision while remaining firmly rooted in their traditions.

I have always thought that one could benefit from the other, being in their similarity complementary: capable of constantly changing shape to adapt to new issues Europe, solid and immutably linked to its deepest principles Japan.

To give body to these thoughts and transform them into a new reality in the world of martial arts, a reality that could then inspire others to do the same in different fields, I gave birth to Martis Do: the place where European and Japanese excellence meet.

Marco Balvetti
Martis Do Founder