Dogi and belts aren’t sold out, it’s just…

Dogi ManKen Blue label:sold out. Coloured belts: sold out. Black belts Simplex, Superior, Optimum and Magnum: sold out!

What’s with the Shorinji Kempo locusts?!?!

Actually no, it’s not sold out, it’s just not yet available.

It would be easy to explain why belts and dogi haven’t arrived yet by simply saying “it’s Covid’s fault!”… so let’s do it: “it’s ALL Covid’s fault!”.

But since we are kenshi of Shorinji Kempo and we never liked easy things, otherwise we would have chosen another martial art, we don’t like to simplify so much either, even if this pandemic is largely to blame.

Undoubtedly an event with such an impact on trade and the movement of goods has had a huge influence on the absence of kenshi materials on our website: production facilities have been closed for months, while demand has increased and a huge backlog has been created; transport has also been greatly affected by this calamity, but to be honest that’s not all.

The coloured belts and the black Simplex and Superior belts are on their way, while the Dogi, Optimum and Magnum beltswill take a little longer.
“Why is that?”you might rightly ask, and so here’s the answer.

While the coloured belts and the black Simplex and Superior belts were ready in the manufacturer’s warehouses at the beginning of the pandemic and only needed to be labelled, the other products have been specially made for Shorinji Kempo. This means that we nagged the manufacturer to take care of every single detail of our products: the belts had to be exceptionally hard and wide, the likes of which had never been seen before, and the dogi…

The dogi are really a chapter apart: if to an expert eye it seems that Shorinji Kempo dogi and karategi differ only in the lack of laces in the jacket, there are many details to pay attention to, especially when you want a product that has quality requirements of a certain level,but the cost does not reach those already produced in Japan.

In short, reproducing the same quality as the original dogis that have been on the market up to now,but at a lower price, while having excellent quality embroidery, the badge holder and all those details that a kenshi would rightly like to have, has been a long result to achieve, which has required many tests, several samples that were gradually improving, until reaching the squaring of the circle.

Unfortunately, as we were saying, all these phases took place in a particular and disastrous period of time, so the timeframe was longer and the fruit of all this work will only be available on this websitein 2021.

On the other hand, perhaps it won’t be the end of the world to wait another couple of months, as the pandemic situation is far from over anyway, so for now we can concentrate on more useful products for everyday wear, rather than practice equipment.

But rest assured, as soon as we learn that the new dogis and the new exceptional belts are on their way, we’ll make sure you know about it first!