Martis Do is officially OPEN!


11 December 2020: a new era in the history of Shorinji Kempo… and of the martial arts.

Smartphones, apps, e-commerce, instant shopping: we live in a fast-paced era where everything is just a click away, the rhythm of innovation is such that what you are just discovering is already old and outdated. In such a context, although there is no doubt that many of us like slow traditions that come from afar, such as Shorinji Kempo, it was necessary to find a balance between content and method of enjoyment.

So, today Martis Do!

It was necessary to mark a difference with the past and move to a new way of buying all the materials needed for the practice of a kenshi, and not only that, in a more immediate and easily usable way, above all that would make every single kenshi independent from the federal structure in the choice and purchase of an object.

Undoubtedly this 2020 has tried hard to make this goal more difficult to achieve, but fortunately the kenshi of Shorinji Kempo are well accustomed to not give up and remain focused and determined to reach the goal: just as when preparing an embu, you run into innumerable problems and you realise that there are countless things to improve you don’t get discouraged and continue, filing seconds, improving synchrony and increasing expressiveness in the sequences… the same thing we have done in creating this sales platform for martial arts products.

And just like an embu, which at the time it is unveiled has not yet reached its best expression, so this site will still have to improve and the catalogue will be enriched with products for practice and leisure, new sections will arrive and the videos will increase over time.

For now, it was important to get started, to mark a change that would make a difference in the world of Shorinji Kempo. Martis Do, in fact, is the first non-Japanese reality authorised by Unity to produce and market official Shorinji Kempo productsand to sell them online on a platform open to the public and intended to meet the needs of Italian, European and even extra-continental kenshi, if possible.

The purpose is to combine the tradition and attention to detail of the Japanese people with the continuous innovation and imagination of the Europeans, as we have tried to convey in our name, which combines Latin and Japanese traditions in Martis (from Mars) and Do (the way).

With this spirit of positivity and desire to grow, therefore, we welcome you and invite you to visit our pages follow us on the social networks you usually use to keep up to date with new products, in the hope of accompanying you during your martial practice and in your daily life, always following the Path of Mars!