Technical articles for the practice of Shorinji Kempo, such as Dogi, Belts and Hoi, can be purchased online exclusively from kenshi of the Italian Shorinji Kempo Federation, upon registration on the Kenshi Registration page. The sale in person will be open to all Shorinji Kempo kenshi at the MartisDo stand during the events. Visit the appointments section to find out when and where to find us.


The blue label Dogi of Martis Do is not simply a martial arts uniform modified to the needs of Shorinji Kempo, but a product expressly tailored to the characteristics of this discipline.

The measurements and cut reflect the traditional Shorinji Kempo’s ones, with the absence of jacket laces, sleeves and pants shorter than other martial arts, the traditional laces to tighten the pants.

Obviously there is no lack of the specificities of Shorinji Kempo, such as the high quality embroidery on the jacket and the Velcro for the badge on the left sleeve.

Made of cotton/polyester blend with good quality fabric and a weight of 220 gr/m2 (8 oz/m2), it guarantees at the same time excellent resistance, lightness and practicality, besides the fact that the shrinkage due to washing is limited to a maximum of two centimetres and does not need to be ironed (especially if you follow our advice to wash and hang it out)… all in a practical reusable dogi bag. Perfect for training in the heat.

Key features

– Specific cut for Shorinji Kempo

– Pants with laces

– Velcro for badge

– High quality Soen embroidery

– 45% cotton, 55% polyester

– 220 gr/m2 / 8 oz/m2

– Max shrinkage 2 cm

– Sizes 00 (120 cm) to VII (200 cm)

– White belt included

– Customisation options

– Reusable dogi bag

– Shorinji Kempo Official Product


Before proceeding with the purchase, check the measurements in the appropriate measurement table

The measurements are expressed in centimetres/inches

A tolerance of +/- 2 cm is to be considered.

The shrinkage of the washed garment at 30° is less than 2 cm


A computerized embroidery machine and dedicated software are used to create the lettering.

The size and spacing of the letters can vary according to the complexity of the desired lettering to fit within the maximum space allowed.

It is not possible to vary the type of font from the standard font for the three alphabets. The centre of the embroidered lettering may appear slightly misaligned from the central line of the desired part to be embroidered.

It is possible to embroider only your first name or your family name on the dogi.

The colour of the embroidery on the dogican only be black.

Computerised embroidery does not allow the following cases:

1. Words with too many letters. (maximum 12 characters)
2. Use of uppercase and lowercase letters. The words in the Latin alphabet are made in capital letters only.
3. Two-line writing.
4. Variable font size.


Select the location of the customisation you want in the drop-down menu.

Embroidery can be done in one or more of the following positions:
rear of the jacket – collar
front of the jacket – at the bottom left side of the jacket
trousers – left side, under labels

Select the embroidery alphabet from the drop-down menu: latin, katakana, kanji

Enter the desired embroidery text in the text box provided. 12 characters maximum


Once you have purchased a customised product, it will not be possible to return it.

If you select the desired customisation but leave the selection “None” in the “Customisation” field, the product will be shipped without embroidery. Please check that you have selected the desired type of customisation before moving on to the choice of alphabet and embroidery text.

To purchase this product, you must be kenshi and login.


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