All coloured, black Simplex and black Superior belts are now available for purchase!

Just a few days before Christmas, here is one of the items that many have been waiting for: the new coloured belts, the black Simplex belts and the Superior belts.

Of course, unfortunately we are still at a standstill when it comes to practice in the presence and with contact, but judging by the many e-mails we have received, a lot of people still want to replace their old belt with a new one.

Perhaps they would like to reward themselves with a purchase that somehow mitigates the frustration of not being able to practice as usual, or perhaps for those who had passed the exam before the pandemic and then got ‘hung up’ and never bought a new belt.

As it happens, our beautiful belts are now available in our catalogue and ready to be sold to the registered kenshi of the Italian Shorinji Kempo Federation.

Nothing to do with those kind of shutter belts you can find in department stores, Martis Do belts are made of 100% cotton and they guarantee to last for years, especially for those who sweat during training.

The black belts are currently available in the first two versions, Simplex and Superior.

The first is for those who don’t want to spend a lot of money on a black belt, or perhaps are looking for one that can be wrung out, even if you have to work hard to get to the point of stressing the Simplex Martis Do. The Simplex has a stiffness level 2 and is the basis of our black belt range.

The Superior, with a stiffness level of 3, is harder and wider, measuring 4.5 cm in width compared to the 4 cm of the Simplex, also in 100% cotton, and is the equivalent of the black belts considered top of the range in other martial arts.

All of them can be customised as you wish, within the limits imposed by WSKO, in 12 different colours that you can easily choose in the appropriate section on the purchase page.

All you have to do is register and give yourself a gift you won’t regret!