We want you to have a hot head, not act like one!

News Zuccotto

A winter skullcap to always wear Shorinji Kempo on your head (as if the kenshi weren’t already fixed enough, since they almost always talk about nothing else), very useful to face the rigors of winter.

Of course, in 2020 we won’t be going out much, we won’t all be hugging each other for Christmas and we probably won’t be huddled outside with our noses in the air watching the fireworks, but we will have to go out, at least to do some shopping.

And that’s when this hypoallergenic hat will come in very handy (in fact, it’s made with a blend of 50% polyester, 35% rayon, 15% acrylic), so no itching, very warm and very practical (in fact, it can be washed by hand or in the washing machine without fear of any felting or shrinkage).

And then it makes everyone look so cool. Men or women, young or not so young, with hair or only with the memory of hair, everyone looks much more beautifulwearing the Soen that, then, let’s face it, is a great way to chat with the guy or the girl in the checkout line behind us who keeps looking at the logo trying to figure out what it is.

In short, for you or as a gift for your friend practitioner (or even not practitioner, but maybe one day will approach the practice of this wonderful discipline) here is a great way to spend a few euros in view of Christmas.